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Stock Market Bull Bronze Sculpture

$350.00 USD $1,050.00 USD

This magnificent Sculpture is of a charging bull. With his head down, his nostrils' flared and his muscles tightened he stomps the ground before him, releasing a vibrating grunt, he smells the ground before him. All he see's now is red and he is raging angry, his horns are sharp and solid and he prepares to charge his nemesis and take him down. He is an extremely muscular and dense creature, thick rolls of muscle and fat around his neck for protection, he was made for these sorts of confrontations of physical strength. His tail curls up in a swift motion and off he goes, frozen in his pose and replicated in a true masterpiece of Bronze artwork.

This Sculpture is resting on a marble base this Sculpture has a two tone brown patina and is cast using the ancient Lost Wax Method.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 11 X Width 17 inches.

Weight: 35 LBS.