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Golfing Trophy Bobby Jones Bronze Statue

$200.00 USD $1,200.00 USD

A golfer tilts his head up to the sun and watches his ball rise. He hold his form and stance, tracking the position of the ball and how close to the green it may land. His body twist with his stroke. In his head he counts the strokes he may need if it does not land on the green and how many he may need if it does. He silently prays that it does not land in a sand trap or near a water hazard. Though the crowd has already begun to erupt in an uproar, he knows its too soon for celebration. The ball is left to the wind. He is a brown patina with shading to accent the movement of his clothes.

This Bronze Sculpture was cast using the Lost Wax Method and mounted on a marble base.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 11 X Width 4 inches.

Weight: 5 LBS.