Warrior Prince Bronze Statue


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This gorgeous Bronze Sculpture is of an ancient Prussian Prince. He is dressed in his royal armor and is ready to head into battle. He wears chest and leg armor which are adorned with intricate details such as the small clasps and bolts that hold his armor together. On his chest armor he has unique trimming which looks like it belongs to a royal wardrobe. He wears a thick clasp link belt which holds his sheath for his sword. His helmet is closely related to the pickerel, which was a common helmet worn in early 19th century, the pickerel was designed from ancient Prussian helmets. He has a prominent stance and a stern and concerned look. He has fine straight lines which make his jaw line very prominent giving this Sculpture a more dignified feel. Under his helmet and his chest armor he wears a textured cloth, looking like it could be made of wool, which helps ease the heaver weight of the armor. In his one hand he holds an incense burner, blessing his surroundings and warning off evil spirits.

This Bronze Sculpture has a tow tone brown patina. It is mounted on a marble base.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 36 X Width 23 inches.

Weight: 50 LBS.