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Flying Fishing Bald Eagle Patriotic Bronze Statue

$400.00 USD $1,299.00 USD

This is a beautifully detailed Sculpture of the American bald Eagle. He rests upon a common perch and looks over his shoulder, his beak slightly opened ready to release a loud squawk. The detail on his face, neck feathers and body are brilliantly detailed and makes the bird look extremely realistic as he sits. His claws grasp onto a solid rock with a plant growing beneath it, its talons are sharp and penetrating. He is a magnificent recreation of this power creature and the National symbol of the United State of America. He represents resilience, power and strength but mostly it represents Freedom.

Handmade of 100% Bronze and cast using the ancient Lost Wax Method and its atop a marble base.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 18 X Width 9 inches.

Weight: 22 LBS.