Young Frisky Pup With Frisbee Bronze Sculpture


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The young frisky pup jumps midair almost as if he was lifted up by a gust of wind enabling him to gain height to catch his Frisbee. His front paws outstretched and his hind legs curling up behind him, almost assisting to help catch the Frisbee. He flexes his muscles and you can see detail of his muscles in his neck and body. If you look at the dogs face and body, its almost as if there was no effort put into his jump, The dog just does what is second nature to him. Although the body is twisted, it is in a comfortable playful position. The artist truly captures the character of a dog at play. Young, frisky, energetic, and playful this Sculpture just brings out a smile in all of us. This is a great Sculpture for an animal lover.

This hand crafted Bronze Sculpture was casted using the Lost Was Method and has a  brown patina.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 13 X Width 8 inches.

Weight: 10 LBS.