The Allegory of Baravia Symbols of Abundance Bronze Statue


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Diana the Hunter, also known as Diana Nemorensis and Artemis. She was worshiped by many as the goddess of hunt, animals, woodland and the moon. In Capua and in Aricia, localities near Rome, there are still shrines dedicated to her. Her shrine in Aricia was on the shores of them lake Nemi. For that reason, she was named Diana Nemorensis Diana of the Woods. The hide of a slayed deer hangs around her nude curves. She places one foot on a barrel and gazes down thoughtfully, as her fingertips graze the deceased game antlers.

This brown patina Sculpture was cast using the Lost Wax Method and mounted on a marble base.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 19 X Width 8 inches.

Weight: 17 LBS.