Egyptian Dancer Bronze Sculpture


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She stands on her tip toes as she outstretches her arms to hold up a beautiful arrangement of flowers. The flowers are strung together beautifully and she holds them up as if she is offering them to a someone. Her dress has exquisite detail, flowers cover her breasts and are seen on the pattern of the dress as well. It looks almost as if the trim has a fringe at the bottom. She wears a very detailed head piece which falls down to her shoulders farming her face. Her sandals are remarkable with the utmost detail. The strap around her ankle and foot with a leather like fabric around the foot, even her toes are exquisite. This is remarkable Bronze Sculpture that was casted using the Lost Wax Method which insures quality detail.

This Bronze Sculpture has a brown patina and is mounted on a marble Base.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 19 X Width 5 inches. Weight: 10 LBS.