Batteling a Rattle and Snake Bronze Statue


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A leisurely trot in the desert turns deadly when a rattle snake spooks a horse. The cowboy is bucked by his uncontrollable stallion. He attempts to hold on as long as he can but his body lifts from the saddle. He is tossed forward and ground below becomes visible. The horse kicks and leaps wildly, trying to get away from the poisonous snake beneath him. Though the cowboy continues to hold onto the reins and its mane, the horse fights. It is a battle of the wills, but either way the cowboy will get back on his feet, dust off and ride again.

This brown patina Sculpture was cast using the Lost Wax Method and mounted on a marble base.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 9 X Width 8 inches.

Weight: 7 LBS.