Belly Dancer Bronze Figurine on Marble Base Sculpture


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Her arms are out stretched to her side as she stand on one leg and balances her careful not to make a mistake during her performance. She has extremely long legs and arms adding to her uniqueness. She wears a special headdress that fans out behind her neck and her skirt heavy with beads sways around her legs as she dances. She wears a beaded bikini top and a beaded necklace adding to her ensemble. Her one leg is out to the side and helps break up the Sculpture giving it more dimension. She is an exquisite piece of art and holds a true art deco feel.

This Sculpture was cast using the Lost Wax Method and has a two tone brown patina with gold highlights and She is mounted on marble base.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 16 X Width 11 inches.

Weight: 10 LBS.