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Two Fencing Bronze Sculpture

$400.00 USD $2,400.00 USD

With a quick forward lunge the fencer hopes to hit is target lame. On the defense a counter attack is proposed with a stop hit to the attackers saber. Weather this is an Assault or a bout these two fencers sure do seem to be giving it their all. These Sculptures speak volumes of motion, both Sculptures are impressively detailed. On both fencing masks you can see the detailed mesh that protects their faces and the neck guards fall with movement. Underneath the masks the men both sport sweaty hair dos with heavy hair. Even the lames have lines of movement. Each player is wearing a different pair of socks. The Sculpture on the right has high socks with a thick band at the top but a thick weaves going down his legs in stripes. As the Sculpture on the left wears high socks with a thick band and a weaves pattern all around the socks. The shoes are remarkable showing the laces weaving in and out of every hole. Their hands are gripped around their sabers and their knuckles are highlighted with a gold patina to show the strength they hold them with.

These beautiful classy Sculptures is set atop a marble base.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 11 X Width 18 inches.

Weight: 8 LBS.