Leonard Camel Rider Pompeian Bronze Statue


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This Arab man travels to the hot desert with his camel and in his little chair he sits with a spear on his right hand. The most important of all the animals to the medieval Muslims was the camel. Camels were called the Gift of God and the Ships of the Desert. It could live where few other animals could live. It was strong enough to carry heavy loads for the Arab caravan traders. At the time of the Prophet Muhammad, the camel was the most important animal in war. The earliest wars were attacks with Warriors mounted on camels' backs. When we begin reasoning about the symbolic meaning of camels, we cannot miss the prevalent symbolic themes of journeying. The essence of long distance travel is at the symbolic heart of the camel, and it's easy to see why. It's no secret the camel can endure days in scorching hot deserts while transporting precious cargo across great distances.

This Bronze Sculpture was casted using the Lost Wax Method and has a brown Patina.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base each: Height 16 X Width 12 inches.

Weight: 17 LBS.