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Nude Woman Bronze Statue on Marble Base Sculpture

$550.00 USD $3,300.00 USD

This nude Bronze figure is dream inspired, slightly distorting the true form of the human body for the sake of emotional effect. As the eyes of the admirer moves up the from the realistic form of her pointed feet to her expressive arms, the shape of her body shifts and dissolves from representational into suggestive, shadow forms of armband hands. The beholder views her from her left side as she dramatically steps forward arching her back and throwing her head back with emotion. Her torso is slightly twisted off axis as her left armbands and touches her forehead.

The dancer was cast using the thousand year old method of lost wax casting and coated with a brown patina stain and She is mounted upon marble Base.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 20 X Width 6 inches.

Weight: 12 LBS.