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Farmer Girl Carry Wheat Bundle Bronze Sculpture

$400.00 USD $2,400.00 USD

After a long hard day in the wheat fields a young girl makes her way home. With her bundle of wheat in her arm as she shares slight smile and a worn look. Her dress is laced up in the front and has little poofs at the shoulder giving her room to move. Her apron in front covers her dress to make sure that it does not get any dirtier than it needs to. Her hair is tied half up half down with loose bangs push back by her ears. She is bare foot not protecting her pretty little feet from getting hurt and her body is voluptuous and full.

This Bronze Sculpture was casted using the Lost Wax Method and is mounted on a marble base.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 17 X Width 5 inches.

Weight: 12 LBS.